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Home Industry News NADMED and biotech lab TruDiagnostic partner to launch novel NAD blood test in the United States

NADMED and biotech lab TruDiagnostic partner to launch novel NAD blood test in the United States

22nd March 2023

TruDiagnostic decided to partner with NADMED for their test accuracy and reliability. The Q-NADMED Blood Kit is CE-marked for measuring NAD+ and NADH from a small blood sample. This high level of reliability is consistent with the internal standard of TruDiagnostic.

As the largest biological age testing laboratory in the US, we had always wanted to test for this important metabolite. However, the US market did not have an accurate lab test available. That is why we were excited to see the work and resume of NADMED. NADMED had studies showing reliability versus the gold standard of LC-MS and they had regulatory approval. Together, this allowed us to feel the testing was finally reliable enough to go to market,” says Ryan Smith TruDiagnostic Founder and Vice President.

“We appreciate TruDiagnostic’s agile, yet diligent approach to introducing a novel technology to their customers in the US market. We foresee a fruitful cooperation to continuously develop business and service models to meet the needs for NAD testing of the varied customer base,” says Jari Närhi, NADMED CEO and Co-Founder.

Additional competitive advantages for NADMED rest in the extraction technique, which is simple and robust, and works with blood samples; and a quick and reliable detection method. NADMED testing kit allows accurate, quantitative detection of metabolites due to know-how regarding preparation and preservation of NAD standards used in the kit.

NADs (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotides) are coenzymes essential for metabolism, regulating hundreds of biochemical reactions in all our cells. NADs exist in four types — NAD+, NADH, NADP+, and NADPH — the ratios of which signal nutrient availability and cellular growth and repair in different cells and tissues. As many healthcare providers already know, abnormal levels of NAD metabolites have been linked to improper immune function, metabolic disease, dementia & neurodegeneration, heart disease, and more.

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