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Napping may increase risk of diabetes

9th March 2009

Taking regular naps in the afternoon could increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, research shows.

A study from Diabetes UK looked at the napping habits of 16,480 people and found that diabetes prevalence increased with sleeping frequency.

Researchers found those who napped had a 26 per cent greater risk of developing type 2 of the disease compared to those who never had short sleeps during the day.

The authors of the study claim there may be a number of factors behind the link, including an association between napping and reduced physical activity.

Also sleeping during the day may disrupt night-time sleeping habits, which could be important as night-time sleep duration has been shown to be associated with increased type 2 diabetes risk.

Director of research at Diabetes UK, Dr Iain Frame, commented: “We know from previous studies ? that interrupted sleep at night could increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

He warned that disturbed sleep or napping were likely to remain less significant than better-established risk factors like being overweight, over 40 or having a history of diabetes.

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