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New insulin pill ‘could facilitate injection-free diabetes treatment’

26th August 2016

Scientists are developing a new way of administering insulin orally, potentially allowing diabetes patients to avoid the need for injections.

Researchers from Niagara University have developed a new type of vesicle technology called Cholestosomes, a neutral, lipid-based particle that can be used to deliver insulin without being broken down by the acidic environment in the stomach.

After passing through the stomach without degrading, the Cholestosomes are recognised as something to be absorbed when they reach the intestines, allowing them to be broken apart and to release the insulin into the bloodstream.

In vivo testing results have demonstrated the potential effectiveness of this method, which could make it possible for diabetes patients to administer the insulin they need in a non-invasive manner.

Dr Lawrence Mielnicki at Niagara University said: "Most liposomes need to be packaged in a polymer coating for protection. Here, we're just using simple lipid esters to make vesicles with the drug molecules inside."

The team now plans to further optimise its formulations, conduct more animal testing and form new partnerships before moving into human trials.

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