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New PCR Test Identifies DNA Damage, a Sign of Parkinson’s

11th September 2023

A PCR-based testing technique has been created by a global consortium of researchers to identify mitochondrial DNA damage in blood, a sign of Parkinson’s disease.

The idea is to use this to monitor a patient’s reaction to a particular medicine during the course of therapy, which could assist in making a diagnosis before the individual’s nervous system is overly affected.

One of the research authors, Laurie Sanders, said that “a simple blood test would allow us to diagnose the disease earlier and start therapies sooner.”

PCR measured the amounts of defective mitochondrial DNA in peripheral blood cells taken from people living with Parkinson’s. Scientists then looked at those results in comparison to samples taken from the control group.

The Mito DNADX test made it possible to calculate DNA damage instantaneously.

Researchers claimed that “our data provide evidence to support the inclusion of mtDNA damage as a blood-based candidate marker for [Parkinson’s disease] in future clinical trials.”

But Mito DNADX also has flaws, only providing a relative measurement of mtDNA damage, and being unable to pinpoint the precise molecular impact.

The technique will then be used to examine samples from people who are experiencing Parkinson’s in its initial phases, prior to the presence of symptoms.

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