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New public campaign underlines danger of tar in cigarettes

3rd January 2018

The government has launched a new publicity campaign to highlight the significant damage that the tar content in cigarettes can do to the body.

Public Health England has released a TV advert showing how poisons from tar in cigarettes enter the bloodstream before spreading around the body in a matter of seconds, causing damage to several major organs.

Extended exposure to the elevated cadmium levels that smoking causes has been associated with an increased risk of damage to the kidneys and bones, as well as heightening the risk of lung cancer.

As such, the new advertising campaign aims to persuade England's seven million current smokers to quit the habit using the NHS Smokefree service this new year.

Professor John Newton, director of health improvement at Public Health England, said: "People know that tar damages the lungs, but it's less well understood that the poisons also reach the other major organs in the body."

NHS Smokefree allows users to choose from a number of support methods based on what works best for them, whether this be face-to-face help, smoking cessation aids, a quitting app, emails, social media interaction or SMS support.

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