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Novartis vaccine rapidly induces antibodies

23rd September 2008

Novartis has announced that its MF59-adjuvanted vaccine rapidly induces protective antibody levels in patients against diverse strains of avian flu.

The company presented the results of a new study showing that Aflunov provides a rapid immune response in individuals who have been primed with MF59-adjuvanted H5 vaccine up to six years earlier.

It added patients primed with the adjuvant developed immunity seven days after receiving immunisation with the Aflunov booster.

Novartis concluded the study supports the notion of pre-pandemic vaccination to facilitate the presence of protective antibody levels in the population with one additional immunisation if a pandemic occurs.

Iain Stephenson, of the Infectious Diseases Unit at University Hospitals Leicester, said: “These data highlight the potential for priming the public against an avian influenza of pandemic proportion with the MF59 adjuvant.”

He added that he results show patients are quickly protected against a broad range of avian strains following the administration of their adjuvanted booster vaccine, regardless of the strain of virus with which they were originally primed.

Earlier this month, Novartis announced the publication of phase II clinical data showing its investigational meningitis B vaccine may protect infants aged over six months.

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