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Oxford Measures Household Energy Trends in Line with Net Zero Goals

16th January 2023

By offering high-resolution data capabilities that monitor how energy is used within households, the EDOL (Energy Demand Observatory and Laboratory) will be able to assess how switching from non-renewables to low-carbon sources will affect energy use trends, and if this aligns with other nationwide energy variations.

When it comes to the availability of first-class energy data and associated statistics, the UK is globally one of the most advanced. In order to reach net-zero carbon goals, the initiative will expand on this by offering a high-resolution data repository to guide innovative technologies, regulations, and business models.

The University of Oxford already has an extensive portfolio covering zero-carbon energy systems, which are now being expanded upon by EDOL. More than 200 top academics at Oxford are working to overcome key obstacles in supplying safe, accessible, and sustainable energy.

EDOL is a new layer added to prior research from The University of Oxford’s Dr Phil Grünewald, who explained that “much public attention is focussed on the ‘average user’ with an ‘average bill’ of £2,500 pounds. In practice we find that the top 10% use ten times as much electricity as the bottom 10%.”

“Understanding these discrepancies better will be important in reducing fuel poverty and ill health resulting from poorly heated homes.”

Dr Tina Fawcett, social research lead, expressed that “EDOL will enable us to ask questions about the roles of new technologies, policies and social norms in reducing both total and peak-time energy demand.”

Dr Kedar Pandya, Director for Cross-Council Programmes at EPSRC, expressed that “with support from Government, the Energy Demand Observatory and Laboratory will build on the work of the Smart Energy Research Lab.”

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