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Page issues food warning

7th December 2007

Allen & Page has warned those working with horses that if they bolt their food it can cause a number of problems.

If an animal does not fully chew its food, its oesophagus can become blocked, causing it pain and distress, the horse feed manufacturer stated.

“A horse with choke can appear extremely distressed and may even show signs similar to the onset of colic [such as] sweating, pawing the ground, straining,” Allen & Page explained.

It urged those caring for horses to adopt certain strategies to prevent the animal from bolting its feed, including adding chaff and dampening the mixture in order to increase chewing time.

The firm recommends adding “plenty” of water to hard feed and allow the mixture to absorb the water before giving it to the animal.

Allan & Page horse feed is made with non-gm ingredients and is approved by the Vegetarian Society.

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