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Pfizer to reveal Lipitor test information

26th March 2007

Pfizer is due to present new data from a series of trials on its statin Lipitor at the American College of Cardiology annual meeting this week in New Orleans.

The studies examine the drug’s effect on atherosclerosis and cardiac events, including heart attacks, and also look at Liptor’s economic value.

Firstly, the results of large imaging studies will consider the effect of Pfizer’s previous investigational compound torcetrapib along with Liptor versus that of Liptor only on the progress of atherosclerosis.

“In previous imaging trials, intensive therapy with Lipitor resulted in regression or halting of atherosclerosis,” said Dr Michael Berelowitz, Pfizer global medical division’s senior vice president.

However, Dr Berelowitz continued: “Imaging trials are scientifically interesting but not a substitute for outcomes trials evaluating the long-term safety and impact of therapy on patients’ risk of cardiovascular events.”

Pfizer will also present the results of three statin therapy outcomes trials, which Dr Berelowitz claims will show Lipitor to be effective on a wide range of cardiovascular patients.

Finally, the company will present the results of studies which is believes will show that Liptor is economically effective, even compared to cheaper generic drugs.

“Lipitor is the best-studied medication in its class, and the results of these new trials will provide important new information for physicians and managed care decision-makers in choosing the right cholesterol treatment for their patients,” Dr Berelowitz declared.

The American College of Cardiology’s 56th Annual Scientific Session takes place from March 24th to 27th 2007.

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