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Pharmacogenomics Research Reduced NHS Spend on Ineffective Prescriptions

26th April 2023

According to a recent study on NHS prescription statistics, there is an opportunity to reduce wasted NHS spending by millions by equipping pharmacogenomics with the tools they need to prevent inefficient prescribing and the negative impacts of this.

The analysis uncovered that over £412 million of NHS budget was allocated to common opioid and SSRI antidepressants between April 2021 to March 2022. The problem with this is that 10% of patients process and respond to this treatment in a different way.

Administrating these drugs to those who have the CYP2D6 mutation is expensive and may even be dangerous to their health. Analysing someone’s genetics prior to opioid and SSRI drug administration has potential to reduce NHS spend by £41 million annually.

General Manager of PacBio EMEA, Neil Ward, explained that this study is “a drop in the ocean for the wider benefits PGx research could bring to the total £9.69 billion spent annually on prescriptions in England. It’s time the UK invested in PGx research, so we can better understand the connections between certain gene expressions and therapeutic response.”

Pharmacogenomics (PGx) examines a person’s genetic profile to ascertain how they may react to different medication. But discovering genetic variants that are connected to human drug response is a challenging procedure that necessitates precise and comprehensive genetic sequencing.

Neil Ward continued: “recent advances in highly accurate genomic sequencing technologies” means that “the potential of PGx is closer to being realised. The NHS’s Genomic Medicine Strategy commits to incorporating PGx into the service as a standard. The UK now needs to solidify its place as a leader in the field.”

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