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Plastic Replaces Glass in Pharmaceutical Packaging

30th August 2023

According to data, the Chinese drug packaging industry was worth 106.8 billion yuan by the close of 2018, with plastic and composite material options representing 43% and 24% of that total.

Traditional glass pharmaceutical containers have slowly been supplanted by COP packaging, which arguably brings more value to the table.

China has implemented a number of policies over the last 24 months to encourage the research and development of novel medications, particularly those that address critical healthcare needs like anti-tumor and lymphatic antigens. These tend to have stricter packaging standards, making CZ a more viable option as it has reduced levels of protein adsorption and a lower light refraction index.

Due to its compact dimensions, steady chemical characteristics, and low absorption of light, it is more appropriate for the packaging of these pharmaceuticals compared to glass bottles.

The way that drugs are packaged is an integral part component of pharmaceuticals. It has a huge impact on whether your product will meet industry standards and receive regulatory approval, as well as enhancing your brand image and maintaining competitiveness within the market.

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