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Recent Financial Surge Seeks to Advance Swine Vaccine

8th August 2023

Royal Veterinary College (RVC) studies, which received investment from Defra will concentrate mainly on Mycoplasma which is a fatal infection in pigs which results in substantial economic damage for producers. It is found in 80% of UK pig farms and has been shown to decrease pig development by 16% and food modification by 14%.Furthermore, piglets are deemed M.hyop-free at delivery. However, due to close proximity between diseased and vulnerable pigs, the primary means for spread is frequently during nursing, when piglets first become introduced to the illnessThis puts piglets at a high risk of having respiration sickness as well as additional pathogen infection.

At the moment, no licensed immunizations exist which avoid the first infection. The discovery and testing of unique vaccinations that offer strong immunity and minimize spread will be the primary objective for the RVC research team. In order to further reduce possible transmission, the specialists will also look into enhancing methods for removing M.hyop from swine herds. The objective of the project is to identify the phenotypes that are required in order to produce stronger vaccinations to avoid the transmission of Enzootic pneumonia.

“Infection of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae is a really debilitating disease in pigs that causes huge economic losses for farmers,” stated Head of Molecular Immunology at the RVC, Dirk Werling. “I am delighted that we will be able to continue our collaboration with a pharmaceutical partner to create a new vaccination employing cutting-edge technologies.”

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