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Reducing Anxiety Levels in Patients during Periodontal Therapy

5th July 2023

Lottie Manahan talks about how technological advancements may be utilized to comfort patients who are apprehensive about periodontal therapy.

She explained how patients with periodontitis frequently feel, not just apprehensive and tense, but also self-conscious and uneasy. She stressed the importance of conquering any obstacles that influence the well-being of the patient, as an impact on well-being can also affect the patients’ actions.

When supporting individuals in managing their anxiety, there is no immediate solution. However, efficient interaction, attentive listening, and supportive reinforcements are essential

It takes patience to build trust, convey specific guidance, and provide assurance. Therefore, the aim should be to provide the most effective experience in the most secure and inviting environment, free of discomfort.

During periodontal therapy sessions, the administration of local anesthesia is crucial. Any innovation that aids the procedure is worthwhile, particularly if it eliminates stress-inducing factors.

This is where ‘The Wand’ comes in.
The Wand has provided chances to interact with patients in a more positive way. It is accessible throughout the UK straight from Dental Sky.

During periodontal procedures, The Wand administers a regulated single tooth injection that is completely pain-free, while injecting local anesthesia in a more effective manner. This reduces stress in patients who have a fear of needles or injections.

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