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Roche to assist in creation of DNA sequencer

2nd July 2010

Roche is to ally with information technology company IBM to develop a new human DNA sequencing system that will be faster and more efficient than existing technologies.

The companies are collaborating to create a nanopore-based sequencer, based upon IBM’s DNA Transistor technology, which will directly read and decode human DNA as it is passed through a nanometer-sized pore in a silicon chip.

This system is said to be quicker and cheaper than any alternative technology currently in development and could help to advance patient care in the future by evaluating individuals’ potential response to treatments.

Roche is set to provide both funding and technical expertise as part of the collaboration and holds the rights to develop and market all future products based on the technology.

Manfred Baier, head of Roche Applied Science, said: “We are confident that this powerful technology will make low-cost whole genome sequencing and its benefits available to the marketplace faster than previously thought possible.”

In May 2010, Roche launched the 454 Life Sciences-developed GS Junior System, a compact next-generation DNA sequencing platform for use in smaller laboratories.

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