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Sanofi-Aventis announces results of trial

8th December 2008

Sanofi-Aventis has announced the results of a randomised phase III study.

The research saw adult patients with haematological malignancies at high or potential risk for tumour lysis syndrome taking Elitek (rasburicase).

As a result of the therapy, plasma uric acid levels were reduced, in comparison to allopurinol alone.

Principal investigator Dr Jorge Cortes, professor of medicine and deputy chair at the The University of Texas’ department of leukaemia, said: “In this investigational study, Elitek controlled plasma uric acid in a larger percentage of patients and in a shorter period of time than allopurinol, the current ? standard treatment in adults.”

A potentially life-threatening metabolic complication, tumour lysis syndrome can result either during or following treatment of certain types of rapid-growing cancers, in particular lymphoma or leukaemia.

The virus develops when a particularly large volume of cells associated with fast growing tumours are destroyed, releasing cellular by-products into the blood system – which can lead to hyperuricemia, a serious condition that could result in renal failure if not controlled.

In other news, Sanofi-Aventis has announced a three-year contract to extend the use of Advanced Chemistry Development (ACD/Labs) software in its research and development sites.

The deal will see a special pricing structure and provisions for continuing support.

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