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Schering-Plough reports negative wellbeing from imperfect contraceptive use

22nd April 2008

Schering-Plough has announced the results of a study showing that women who are noncompliant with their combined hormonal contraceptives experience noticeable effects on their emotional wellbeing.

The firm reports that these women required further advice from physicians and made increased use of emergency contraception.

Schering-Plough said the trial was designed the assess the impact of noncompliant behaviour of women using the combined pill, the skin patch and the Nuvaring (etonogesrel/ethinyl estradiol) vaginal ring.

In the study, 71 per cent of pill users, 32 per cent of patch users and 21.6 per cent of ring users showed noncompliant behaviour, with between ten and 20 per cent reporting that this noncompliance negatively affected work activities and their relationship with their partners.

Dr Inaki Lete, of Hospital Santiago Apostol in Vitoria-Gasteiz, said: “The study included questions about attitudes and psychological impact of inconsistent use of the contraceptive method when confronted with noncompliant behavior – an issue that has been poorly characterised in previous studies.”

He added that these issues will help women increase their compliance with their prescribed contraceptives.

In June 2007, Organon reported that Nuvaring reduces exposure to oestrogen compared to combined oral contraceptives.

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