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Home Industry News Stanford University reveals nerves that cause epileptic seizures

Stanford University reveals nerves that cause epileptic seizures

16th February 2018

Stanford University researchers may have helped pave the way for more effective medical treatments to control or prevent seizures, after isolating a set of nerve cells responsible for epileptic episodes.

Studies carried out at the university's School of Medicine using mice found the experimental activation of a small cluster of nerve cells in the brain can stop mice with temporal lobe epilepsy suffering convulsive seizures, whereas rendering them inactive triggers the excessive electrical activity that causes temporal lobe epileptic incidents. 

The cells in question are known as mossy cells, with the number of these often depleted by traumatic head injuries and reduced blood supply. This increases the risk of temporal lobe epilepsy developing. 

Details of the research have been published in the journal Science. 

Study author Professor Ivan Soltetz said: "It should, in principle, be possible to develop targeted therapies directed at mossy cells to control both seizures and the resulting cognitive deficits."

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