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The Kennel Club Stress for Brachycephalic Breeding Restrictions

4th December 2023

Despite a noticeable decrease in public demand for brachycephalic dogs, a recent report by ‘The Kennel Club’ is urging additional measures to safeguard the wellbeing of these dogs.

Brachycephalic dogs are characterized by their short noses and flat faces and make up around 20% of dogs in the United Kingdom. Examples of brachycephalic dogs include French bulldogs, pugs, and Boston terriers.

The Kennel Club asserted that, despite rejecting the idea of outright prohibiting their ownership, there are still actions that veterinarians and owners can take to protect these dogs.

The recently released “Play Your Part” statement includes 27 distinct suggestions for action that veterinarians, government organizations, breeders, and potential pet owners should take.

The committee also suggested a prohibition on the use of brachycephalic dogs in marketing and the establishment of central licensing divisions in Great Britain, which they believe would strengthen the enforcement of breeding laws.

Bill Lambert, spokesman for The Kennel Club, stated, “There will always be a demand for brachycephalic-type dogs – they are much-loved pets by millions in the UK. But it is imperative that we work together to improve how they are bred and bought, and how they are cared for throughout their lives.”

Lambert continued by adding, “As well as making this a priority ourselves, we are calling on the government, breeders, dog owners, vets, rehoming centres, insurance companies and online sellers to play a part, and to help us in our mission to ensure dogs are bred and owned responsibly, and live healthy, happy lives.”

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