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The pill ‘should be offered on demand’

25th January 2008

The contraceptive pill should be made available without a prescription, a medical journal has suggested.

Following the news that the drug has prevented around 100,000 deaths worldwide by restricting the taker’s chances of developing ovarian cancer, the Lancet medical journal has called for it to be made available on demand at pharmacies.

Its editorial column stated: “We strongly endorse more widespread over-the-counter access to a preventive agent that can not only prevent cancers but also demonstrably save the lives of tens of thousands of women.”

The Independent reports that a Royal College of General Practitioners study claimed women who took the contraceptive for up to eight years had a reduced risk of ovarian, womb and bowel cancer but a slight increase in the threat of cervical cancer.

Figures released from the Office for National Statistics in October last year showed that during 2007, the most popular contraceptive was the pill, followed by the male condom.

They revealed 24 per cent of women under the age of 50 are not using any contraception, although 13 per cent of those reported that they are not in a sexual relationship with a man.

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