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Thermo Fisher Scientific receives new patent award

14th January 2008

Thermo Fisher Scientific has been awarded a US patent on Spectrometric Data Cleansing.

According to the compnay, the patent describes a method for filtering artefacts from Raman spectra and is of particular use in removing the distorted data points generated by cosmic ray interference.

It also stated that the patented method introduces rigorous and objective criteria to the identification and removal of spurious data points, unlike more primitive correction schemes.

This ensures that spectrometric data cleansing is independent of the skill and judgement of the user and is "of immense value to laboratories" which use Raman spectroscopy as a prime analytical tool.

Meanwhile, the leading serving science company is now offering Primogenix Murine Embryonic Stem Cells for biomedical research.

These include Primogenix B6N and 129/X1 mouse ES cell lines which allow scientists to develop genetically engineered mice.

According to Thermo Fisher Scientific, these have become "vital tools" in understanding gene function and to model human disease.

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