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Wearable sweat-detecting sensor offers new health monitoring benefits

22nd February 2018

A new type of wearable sweat-monitoring sensor has been created as a means of tracking chronic conditions such as diabetes more easily and effectively.

Researchers for Glasgow University have developed a sensor using a graphite-polyurethane composite that measures around one sq cm, but can stretch up to 53 percent in length without compromising performance.

This stretchability allows it to be used comfortably on human skin with minimal impact on the performance of the sensor, measuring pH levels while adhering to the contours of users' bodies in motion.

It can then wirelessly transmit data to an accompanying smartphone app called SenseAble, making it possible to track various chemical levels without the need for an invasive blood test.

Project leader Professor Ravinder Dahiya said: "Now that we've demonstrated that our stretchable system can be used to monitor pH levels, we've already begun additional research to expand the capabilities of the sensor and make it a more complete diagnostic system."

It is hoped that the technology can be augmented to add sensors capable of measuring glucose, ammonia and urea levels in future.

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