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A dedicated team, with over 20 years history recruiting within the Medical Devices & MedTech commercial market. We have been able to build long-lasting relationships with companies such as Olympus, Abbott and Karl Storz as well as partnering with start ups and SME’s in the MedTech market globally.

Whether you’re a Senior Director needing a focused executive approach to your job search or a Junior rep or Marketeer, looking for your next step in your career, our team is here to support and help you throughout your journey to secure your next medical device role. Our aim is to uncover your needs and wants, address the challenges you may face and give you a real data and advice on the steps to take in your search as well as provide relevant and exciting opportunities for you to pursue.



Zenopa’s renowned reputation for innovative job seeker services makes us the preferred choice for many, guiding them through their career transitions within the Consumer Healthcare sector.


Our mission is to put a smile on your face, placing you in rewarding Consumer Healthcare jobs that change your life, supporting your career aspirations, as well as positively impacting patients lives, improving the Consumer Healthcare landscape.

Our Featured Medical Devices Job Openings

The Zenopa Salary Guide is based on Zenopa industry experience, it is not specific to this particular job, but it is useful to provide you indicative information and enable you to find jobs when searching salary bands. Individual jobs salary ranges are frequently not released into the public domain, this will be released to you upon application.

What makes the Medical Device sector a good career choice?


Working in the Medical Device sector is incredibly rewarding, you are ultimately contributing to the development and distribution of life-changing drugs that improve patients’ quality of life and save lives too.


Impact on Patient Lives

Medical devices play a crucial role in diagnosing, treating, and improving the quality of life for patients. Working in this sector means contributing to technologies that directly affect patient health and well-being, offering a sense of purpose and fulfillment.


Growth and Innovation

The medical device industry is known for its rapid innovation. Advances in technology such as robotics, artificial intelligence, and biotechnology are constantly leading to new and improved medical devices. This creates a dynamic work environment where professionals can continuously learn and develop cutting-edge solutions.


Job Stability and Demand

The healthcare industry is consistently growing due to an aging population and increasing healthcare needs. Medical devices are essential components of healthcare systems, leading to stable demand for professionals in this sector. This translates to job security and numerous career opportunities.


How can Zenopa help you find a suitable job in the Medical Devices industry?


Zenopa is Talent Driven, Culture Focused. We select jobs that suit you based on how the technical scope of the role aligns with your qualifications, but also dive into your personal culture, advising you on which companies fit with your unique set of requirements.


Market Knowledge
Our consultants dedicate themselves to having unrivalled knowledge in Medical Devices market. This means they can provide you with an overview of how you benchmark against other candidates looking for Medical Devices jobs, using resources such as salary insights. Our consultants pride themselves on understanding how your skillsets can fit into different areas of the market, and provide guidance and support, and introductions into market leaders.


Large Industry Network
We have been building relationships with Medical Devices clients for over three decades, so we can place you with industry leaders and innovative start-ups across the industry. We work with a number of these on an exclusive basis, so registering with Zenopa means you don’t miss out on a job with your dream Medical Devices company.


High Success Rate
We deliver on what we promise, which is why 94% candidates recommend us, and 97% clients recommend us. We have developed a portfolio of case studies / testimonials, sharing other candidates’ success stories working with Zenopa, that we provide to highlight how other job seekers have been supported by us landing themselves their dream opportunities.

What our candidates say



My interaction with Poppy Hodges at Zenopa was a testament to her exceptional support and understanding. Her in-depth knowledge of the role she was recruiting for, as well as the company's values and culture, was invaluable in my search for a new role. Throughout the interview process, she was not just a recruiter, but a supportive guide, always ready to invest time in helping me prepare for each interview stage. I wholeheartedly recommend both Poppy and Zenopa for their unwavering support and professionalism.
John Eldred

Field Service Engineer

Excellent service from start to finish. Great communication and very helpful with everything.
Alexander Grayson

Field Service Technician

Very happy with the entire process from initial chat to showing up for my first day. Always met with professionalism and a thorough understanding of my employment needs. More than happy to recommend Zenopa to all future job seekers.
Kevin George Faria. MRes

Clinical Application Specialist

Elisabeth has been of great support and assistance throughout my interactions with her. She has shown a great deal of professionalism and has gone above and beyond to fulfill her duties. I am grateful to have interacted with Elisabeth and highly recommend her services and help for anyone looking for a change new change and career.
Nahuel Manzanaro Moreno

Account Manager

I had the pleasure of working with Elisabeth during my job search, and I'm very grateful for her support. She is a professional who demonstrated a great capacity at connecting candidates with the right opportunities. Thanks to Elisabeth's expertise and dedication, I secured my current role at Diagenode. Her guidance, attentiveness, and advice were very valuable throughout the hiring process. I recommend Elisabeth to anyone seeking their next career move. She’s a recruiter who cares greatly about her candidate's success.
Mike Murphy


I've had a few run ins with 'recruiters ' over the years. Never have I had someone like James Dolan on my side. Now you may think that's not very important, but sometimes a friendly voice and someone that goes the extra mile means a whole lot more.
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What qualifications are needed for a career in the medical device industry?

  • R&D Roles: Degrees in biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, or related fields.
  • Regulatory Affairs: Degrees in life sciences, biomedical engineering, or regulatory science.
  • Quality Assurance/Control: Degrees in life sciences, engineering, or quality management.
  • Sales and Marketing: Degrees in business, marketing, or related fields, often combined with technical knowledge.


What skills are important for success in this field?

  • Technical Proficiency: Knowledge in relevant engineering or scientific disciplines.
  • Regulatory Knowledge: Understanding of industry regulations and compliance.
  • Problem-Solving: Ability to address complex technical and regulatory challenges.
  • Attention to Detail: Essential for ensuring product safety and compliance.
  • Communication Skills: Ability to convey technical information clearly and work collaboratively.
  • Project Management: Managing multiple projects and deadlines efficiently.


What are the current trends in the medical device industry?

  • Digital Health: Integration of IoT, AI, and data analytics in medical devices.
  • Personalized Medicine: Devices tailored to individual patient needs.
  • Minimally Invasive Devices: Development of less invasive surgical tools and techniques.
  • Wearable Devices: Increasing use of health-monitoring wearables.
  • Regenerative Medicine: Devices aiding in tissue engineering and regenerative treatments.

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