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An Innovative Approach for Reducing Waste in Medicine Production

1st May 2024



The fresh approach may aid in avoiding serious problems brought on by enantiomer medications.



Researchers at the University of Edinburgh’s School of Chemistry presented an innovative, environmentally friendly process for producing complex compounds that may cut down on waste generated during the manufacturing process of pharmaceuticals.


With backing from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and the European Research Council, scientists created an intriguing method called asymmetric synthesis to guarantee that only left- or right-handed chiral molecules are created.


It generated a hundred target compounds for each hundred beginning compounds supplied, yielding an overall output of as much as one hundred percent. This is double the quantity of target compounds generated by many conventional procedures, which are frequently restricted to a yield of just fifty percent.


The discoveries may facilitate asymmetric synthesis, which might have an effect on a number of scientific and technological domains where the three-dimensional structure of compounds is essential to their operation.


Dr. David Jones, University College Cork’s School of Chemistry, made an observation: “Our work overturns the previously universally accepted limitation in what types of chiral molecules can be used as the starting materials in asymmetric synthesis.”

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