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Nucleus RadioPharma Gains New Investor in AstraZeneca

6th June 2024

AstraZeneca has closed a Series A expansion financing with Nucleus RadioPharma, an integrated research, manufacturing, and distribution organisation for radiation therapies. Patients throughout the world will have more access to tailored radiotherapies and theranostics due to Nucleus’s expanding creation, availability, and commercial production capabilities.

Theranostics uses radiotracers that attach to particular cancer cells precisely to provide individualised cancer treatment by combining diagnostics and therapies. While a higher-dose radiotracer provides strong radiation to destroy cancer cells with little harm to healthy tissue, a low-dose radiotracer aids in the visualisation of tumours, directing focused therapy.

Prostate cancer, lymphoma, and neuroendocrine tumours are among the metastatic malignancies that this precision method shows potential in managing. It also has less side effects than standard therapies.

Nucleus RadioPharma CEO Charles S. Conroy stated: “Theranostic radiopharmaceuticals represent a new hope for millions of people with limited treatment alternatives.”

He continued: “These drugs, designed for precise targeting, are demonstrating remarkable effectiveness while upholding an exceptional safety record. The funding expands the accessibility and impact of these life-saving treatments, paving the way for large-scale production and instilling optimism in those with limited options.”

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