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Safety of Modern Medications Could be Improved by New Research

4th July 2024

Drug makers may benefit from studies from the University of British Columbia, MIT, and the University of Michigan if they want to enhance the safety profiles of their products and lessen adverse reactions.

A significant obstacle has been cleared by chemists in the synthesis of a more stable heterocycle, a class of chemical molecules that is a prevalent ingredient in the majority of modern medications.

Heterocycles are essential to the structure of several modern therapeutic classes, such as antibiotics and anticancer medications. According to several assessments, heterocycles are present in 85% of all chemical entities that are physiologically active.

However, a lot of the heterocycles that are being employed in drug design have a tendency to oxidise in physiological settings. This may result in adverse reactions and problems with the drug safety assessments.

says Dr. Schindler, whose lab conducted the research at the University of Michigan in conjunction with Dr. Heather Kulik’s lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology stated: “This is something that synthetic organic chemists have tried to achieve for a long time, and we’re hopeful this will enable researchers to develop new synthetic transformations of azetidines with more useful chemical and medical functions.”

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