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Sanofi’s Natural Killer Cell Engager Enters Second Stage Study

16th April 2024

Sanofi’s natural killer cell engager enters a second stage study to assess the candidate’s ability to treat various types of blood cancers.  


The study aims to examine the candidate’s safety, its effects on the body, and its ability to fight against different types of blood-related cancers.  


Innate and Sanofi first teamed up in 2016 through a research partnership, and as part of the deal, Sanofi acquired the rights to two NK cell engager platforms from Innate.  


These are a type of white blood cell that plays a crucial role in the immune system’s defense against cancer cells and viral infections. NK cells are able to recognise and destroy abnormal cells, such as tumour cells or cells infected with viruses, without the need for prior exposure or activation.  


Dr Sonia Quaratino, the head medical chief, commented, “The progression of SAR443579 to the Phase II expansion part of the clinical trial in blood cancers is another step in bringing this innovative NK cell engager to patients.” 


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