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Signs that it’s Time to Look for a New Job/Career

It is fairly common to think ‘is this job for me?’ If this question comes to mind more regularly it might be time for you to consider a new job opportunity or a complete career change. It is always worth exploring new opportunities before disregarding the idea because they can help you to develop yourself professionally.

Career needs continuously develop throughout each stage of you life as your personal life priorities change or as you learn new skills. In this article, we will delve into 4 common signs that indicate the time has come to change jobs for personal development and career growth.

Signs that it’s time to look for a new job/career

You feel unappreciated

A safe way to want out of a role is when you feel like no one values your view, or yourself. Many factors could affect this, including feeling invisible in your role, not getting credit for your ideas or being passed up on a promotion. If you feel like you are no longer valuable to the team, remember, you deserve to be somewhere that people appreciate and value you and your work.

You have lost passion for the role/organisation

Passion can come in many different forms, whether you are a marketer who has launched a successful marketing campaign or working in sales and have just closed a big deal. However, if you have lost your passion within the organisation, it is most likely time to look for something that will trigger your passion again.

Sometimes, your spark can be infused by looking for new roles, and attending interviews to find out what is new within the industry.

You are not being challenged

Everyone’s preferences differ when they go to work. Some people thrive in high-stress and challenging environments, while others don’t – which is completely fine.

Many people crave challenges and want a role that both helps them improve and develop their skills and excites their mind. A common sign that you want to change jobs is when you are not being challenged.

You have no opportunity to develop

A common reason why people look for new roles is when they feel stagnant at work. For example, many people will remain in a role that does not serve their best interests, including not leaving because they like their company culture, have resistance to change or company loyalty.

While these are valid reasons, they could result to lower job satisfaction in the long run because you have developed as a person and need new challenges to advance professionally. Thus, it is probably time for you to find a new role if you are feeling this way.

What is next?

Whether you are not feeling challenged or are feeling underappreciated, Zenopa Recruitment can discuss opportunities with you to help you find your next role.

Head over to our division pages to find everything you need to start your job search, including the types of roles and point of contact. Our specialist teams can help you negotiate a competitive salary package and optimise your CV to suit the role you are applying for.

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