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New investigation reveals unknown link between genomic regions and blood pressure

1st May 2024

More than a hundred additional genomic loci, or areas of the human genome, have been found by investigators from the National Institutes of Health and their partners that seem to affect blood pressure.  

The study’s findings also suggest that a number of distinct areas of the chromosome could be important for iron metabolism and a kind of cellular receptor called the adrenergic receptors.  

The investigators integrated four sizable data records from genome-wide association studies looking at hypertension and blood pressure in order to fully comprehend the properties and characteristics of blood pressure. 

Following data analysis, they discovered more than two thousand genetic loci, including one hundred and thirteen unique areas, that associated with blood pressure. 

Several the recently identified genomic loci are found to be located in genes involved in iron metabolism, supporting earlier findings that elevated amounts of ferrous iron can exacerbate heart disease.  

The link among blood pressure and variations in the ADRA1A gene was also verified by the investigators. Since ADRA1A encodes the adrenergic receptor, a kind of cell transmitter that is already targeted by blood pressure drugs, it is possible that additional genetic polymorphisms found in the research might be candidates for blood pressure drugs.  

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