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Study on the Impact of Types of Messaging on Vaccine Mindsets

8th May 2024

Vaccinations protect those who get them in addition to halting possible spread to unvaccinated persons. But the pro-vaccine narrative has infrequently shown the moral obligation of receiving the vaccination in order to safeguard others, instead stressing the dangers and costs to one’s well-being that come with failing to be vaccinated.

The research looked at both the moral framing of protecting oneself and others as well as the formatting of the information that looks at numerical data against narratives on vaccination choices. The trial was influenced by the Model of Intuitive Morality and Exemplars (MIME) in conjunction with the narrative persuasion system.

The findings showed that, as opposed to a pro-vaccine message that focused on vaccination for safeguarding oneself, those who received a pro-vaccine idea that framed vaccination as a moral obligation to shield others from impact reported substantially greater levels of believed moral accountability and elevation. As well as a more favourable view towards the flu vaccine, and a greater desire of getting immunised.

Surprisingly, it was found that expressing the moral obligation to receive the flu shot in order to protect people in a quantitative style was more successful in promoting a favourable mindset towards vaccination and raising the desire to be vaccinated.

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