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FDA Approves New Glucose Monitoring Systems

13th June 2024

Two over-the-counter continuous glucose monitoring systems, or CGM, Lingo and Libre Rio, have received approval from the FDA for use by persons with type 2 diabetes who are not taking insulin and instead rely on changes in lifestyle to control their condition, as well as by everyday consumers wishing to enhance their overall well-being. With faster commercial availability of CGM equipment to the general population, patients may now monitor and control their blood glucose levels more effectively thanks to the approval.


CGM systems are implanted devices that send users smartphone notifications of their blood glucose levels in the present moment, doing away with the necessity for finger prick testing. The gadget provides diabetic patients with greater detail about their levels of blood glucose, which can provide medical experts more vital knowledge to work with when modifying the course of treatment.

Lingo is intended for general customers, ages 18 and above, who need more individualised guidance and knowledge to help them stick to better routines and retrain their metabolism. On the other hand, Libre Rio is the first over-the-counter device designed for people with diabetes who are 18 years of age or older, do not use insulin, and depend instead on making lifestyle changes to control their disease.

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