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4 Work From Home Tips to Maximize Your Productivity

11th May 2021

Working from home has been a big game-changer for many people in many industries. Industries that offer project management and IT jobs have traditionally utilized remote workers, but lots of other industries have now joined the remote work reality. 

This has created a variety of challenges for people who were forced to make the switch to work from home abruptly last year. And now, many companies are actually recruiting employees specifically to work from home. With the shift in the workplace norm, having good career planning is also as important as ever.

Now that we are all working from home, you might have noticed that you are struggling with productivity. This is a common problem because there can be a lot of distractions at home that might keep you from focusing on your job. If you have been trying to figure out how to manage your work time and your home time when you are never at the office, you are not alone!

If you want some tips that will help you make the most of your workday even while you are working at home, read on!

Work From Home Tips to Maximize Your Productivity

1.       Dress for Your Day

It can be so easy when you work from home to roll out of bed and wander to your office in your pyjamas. While this might work for some people, other people often find that being in the clothes that you wear to bed can negatively impact your productivity for the entire day. Clothing is more closely linked to your ability to focus than you probably realize.

The best way to chase away the pyjamas at work doldrums is to make sure to dress for your day even though you will just be working in your home office. You don’t have to put on heels or a tie to work at home, but you should still change into clothing that you would not sleep in. Being able to train your brain to recognize that it is time to work is often as simple as changing into your work uniform.

While you might be a bit annoyed at first that you are having to take a few moments to get into “work clothes”, you will quickly see the benefit of making time for this process each morning when you are able to focus more clearly during your workday.

2.       Make Your Office Work Correctly and Comfortably

If you have been working on the couch, or have been moving your laptop from room to room with you, it is not too hard to imagine why you feel like you can’t get any work done. Being uncomfortable while you work is never good for your productivity and if you do not have a set space to work in, you will not be able to focus nearly as intensely as if you were sitting in a designated workspace.

Take the time to set up a real workspace for your daily work hours. Give yourself a desk and a comfortable chair and make sure that the space is quiet. You can add some items to help you with your focus like a little water fountain, or some plants and peaceful pictures. Your subconscious will recognize that your home office is a workspace and you will have a much better time focusing.

3.       Invest in Quality Technology

You might have a really nice laptop from work, but if you are struggling with a low-quality keyboard, a cheap mouse, or a shoddy set of headphones, your day might be interrupted with all kinds of discomfort and annoyance. You will be shocked at how much just one technological item that is not performing correctly can impact your workday.

If you are annoyed by dropped phone calls, a lagging mouse, or some other improperly behaving item that you are using in your home office, do yourself a favour and replace it. There is nothing worse than being interrupted all day with problems that can be avoided by simply replacing a cheap piece of tech that is breaking up your day with unwanted distractions.

4.       Give Yourself Set Break Times

While it can be tempting to just work through lunch and break times, there is a lot of evidence that getting up and taking a step away from your computer every now and again can help you to focus more effectively. It is also healthier for your body to move around throughout the day. If the weather is nice, or if you are having trouble staying awake, go outside and take a walk for ten minutes. You will have a much better workday if you do not sit still all day staring at your computer screen.

Taking a lunch break is very important as well. You need time to refuel and giving yourself permission to relax and be quiet for a while is important for your mental health. People who take frequent breaks are much more productive than people who try to avoid breaks to work harder. One of the other benefits of taking breaks is that you will help prevent yourself from getting blood clots or dealing with back or wrist pain.

Working From Home Productively Doesn’t Have to be a Challenge

Working from home can actually be a huge benefit to your productivity. You don’t have to allow yourself to be pulled in so many directions that you never get anything done all day. Divide your day into work times and personal times to help you budget your time and remove stress and distraction from your day.

If you have been having trouble being productive, start looking around at things that might be causing you to feel distracted. You might need a better workspace, a more comfortable chair, or a new computer mouse. Making sure that you are comfortable is a bigger factor than you probably realize.

Working from home can be a joy if you make sure to keep yourself comfortable and make sure that you give yourself time for mental breaks. Start addressing your work from home needs today and become the most productive you have ever been!

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