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Get the Most Out of Your Exhibition

30th June 2017

Exhibitions and events no matter how big or small can be really important to attend in order to grow your contacts, and it is a great way to network with others in the industry.
In order for you stay ahead of the game and represent yourself as well as the business in the best way possible, we have some helpful hints and tips to ensure that you get the best out of your event.

Set Defined Goals

No doubt a lot of money will have gone into paying to attend the exhibition and it is important that all those that are attending to understanding what the aim is for the company. The key is in the preparation beforehand, so if there are a lot of companies that you would like to make contact with over the period, calling beforehand to let them know you’re attending and arranging a meeting will be help to make your time more productive.

Practice your approach

A good way to start a conversation after “hello” is to ask a question. Something like “What do you specialise in?” will help to break the ice and allow you to understand their needs. If you would be able to help them, you can give an overview and see if they would be interested, and take their details to be able to follow up after the event. You can learn a lot through a two minute conversation especially if the person is interested in what you have to offer. Having good notes will aid your follow up calls when back in the office and prompt you to be able to continue the good rapport that you will have already built at the exhibition.


Not everyone has the ability to start a conversation and may need a little help to get going. If someone is looking a little tentative, you can help to make the first move. A big smile works wonders and can help that person to feel at ease and make you look more approachable.

Send the right type of people to your show

It is important to send staff members who are going to get the most out of the event, Depending on the exhibition you may want to send some of your sales and marketing team who know the business really well and will represent you in the right way. Make sure that those people have their out of office on their emails and are engaging with the people at the show, and networking with new clients rather than the existing ones.

When on your stand

Standing up and looking ready to chat to people gives a much better impression that being sat down, where you will start to slouch. Exhibitions are long days and tend to be spread out over two – 5 days so it will take its toll on your feet. Sensible shoes are therefore a must and If you do need to sit down, do it away from the stand.

Don’t Eat on your stand

Similar to standing, eating a big sandwich doesn’t give off the best impression. Co-ordinate lunch shifts with your team to ensure that you all get a break and not miss out on any new business.


Many companies will have branded ‘freebies’ to give away to people and these are great at creating brand awareness, but it is important to make sure that these are given to the right people that will bring you business. Mints and sweets are always good to have on your stand, but maybe reserve the giveaways for those that you have had a conversation with and taken details from as a thank you.

Get to your stand early.

By arriving about 15 minutes before the show is due to open will give you time to check everything is ready and give you time to warm up and practice your pitch.

Have a wonder

It is important to ensure that there is someone on your stand at all times, but make sure you have a chance to have a walk around the exhibition. This will be goo to check out what the competition are up to and see if there is anything that might be worth doing for the next one.

Follow up

It is important to follow up with anyone that you take details from, with best practice that you call with one week of the show finishing. If not then you could miss out on an opportunity that will have made all your efforts at the exhibition pointless.
About Zenopa:
Zenopa is the leading interim and permanent recruitment agency within the healthcare sector. Throughout the year we attend many exhibitions within the pharma, dental, animal health, scientific and medical markets. To chat to our team, please call +44 (0) 1494 818 000, send us a message or email enquiries@zenopa.com

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