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New legislation inviting more flexible working

19th August 2014

The quick interpretation of flexible working is less hours, which is good in terms of increasing the “available” workforce, however in terms of the cost per hour worked by each employer, this is not so positive. Another interpretation is that more hours are packed into less days, or more days are spent working remotely (e.g. home). This makes more economic sense (The government employs some of the best brains in the civil service to work these things out). It makes sense, on the assumption that the same amount of work is done, but not because the “quality of life” is improved for the individual, more because as a recruiter you hear “if it’s three days a week in the office I’ll travel the extra half hour”.

So why does people travelling further benefit the country?

– Less people living in the South East as more are willing to commute.

– Greater wealth distribution to the regions, greater unity, cynically you might even say more HS2 commuters.

– Affordable housing prices and greater options the less South you live

– More talent available to more employers, more mobile workforce, meaning more productivity and a greater national GDP.

So this sounds great for Britain in many fronts.

So what does it mean for individual employers: People travel further to the “hub office”, so a larger talent pool, conversely people have a greater choice of employer. This increases the need to be seen as a good or great place to work to capture or retain the best talent.

So what does this mean for recruiters: the potential of more work as you have an expanded candidate search (based on a wider geography search), candidates feel freer to move and the matching becomes even tighter to increase the likelihood of the two parties staying together!

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