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Returning To Work Post Furlough

21st October 2020

Numerous companies are beginning to take their employees off furlough now that further lockdown limitations are starting to lift. While many members of staff will be excited to return to their workplace, some may feel more anxious.


We have created a helpful guide, which we trust will make the return process more encouraging.


Health is a priority


If you’re returning to work, both you and your colleagues’ health must be at the forefront of your mind. Before reopening the workplace, your organisation should have developed a health and safety assessment and shared it with you and your co-workers to conform to.


Before returning, make sure you read the policy of your company, to gain a solid understanding of what is required. If you feel like something is lacking from the policy or you feel dissatisfied with an aspect of it, remember that your voice matters.


Adjust your habits


A majority of people in the UK have experienced furlough, some for a substantial amount of time, which has lead to a halt to workday habits. As a result, it’s essential to adjust your habits swiftly. 


First of all, practise waking up for work a week before you return. This will help you to feel more energised for your first day back, as well as help your body clock to change.


Secondly, to avoid being late for your first day back, double-check your commute the day before you return, around the time you would usually leave.


Furlough would have been the most prolonged period we’ve had off work for many of us, thus after the first week back, be ready to feel a little stressed and exhausted. Therefore, please, be it with a nice meal or a bottle of prosecco, remember to celebrate your return.


If you require any recruitment needs, please contact one of our specialist consultants on Enquiries@zenopa.com. 

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