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What is considered to be important when using a specialist recruitment agency?

24th October 2017

Recruitment agencies are growing in numbers. Within the UK there are more than 23,000 registered agencies in a market worth £35 billion, some working in specific industries and others spread themselves over wider market sectors.  We at Zenopa strive in building relationships with our partners and aim to provide the best candidates that will fit within the businesses culture and achieve the results to contribute positively to your growth and strategy. In order for us to do this, we take the time to fully understand the business and your hiring requirements.
Whilst attending the IBMS Congress at the ICC a couple of weeks ago, we undertook some market research to find out about the important factors companies consider in their hiring process. 
Using the right recruitment agency can provide many benefits, with one of the most critical saving you valuable time. Whether you have a tight deadline, or a more relaxed timeframe, Zenopa have a pool of active candidates, as well as access the sort after ‘passive’ market, where we can match with the skill set that you require, advise you of the best available candidates in the market and provide the strongest shortlist for your business requirements. You don’t have to waste your time searching for the person you need, or pay out in advertising fees and scan through applicants who don’t fit the bill.
We found that 75% of those asked  at the IBMS Congress liked to interview 4 – 6 potential candidates for a role, with many of the interview stages consisting of telephone, skype and face to face. Each method offers a different insight within the interviewing process; a telephone interview allows the interviewer to check their verbal abilities whilst a face to face will show more about reactions, body language and facial expressions.
The common worry around using recruitment agencies is often about the costs involved. However, when asked to state the key points when choosing a recruitment agency, only 25% of those asked felt that price was important, whilst 75% agreed the quality of service, quantity of candidates and the agency’s reputation were factors that needed to be considered.  This is a positive recognition that a reputable recruitment agency can provide a valuable partnership to companies. Zenopa recognise the importance of understanding our client’s needs and offer a solution-based consultative approach to recruitment.
As we all know, recruitment has changed considerably over recent years and now the vast majority of candidates are accessible through social media.  The critical part of a recruiter’s role is now, more than it ever has been, about their brand, reputation in their market place and candidate engagement strategy. Our key objective is to take the time to understand our customer’s specific recruitment needs, company culture and candidate profiles to ensure we represent our clients businesses in the way they would want us too so we can provide the right candidates that are going to add considerable value.
About Zenopa
Zenopa is a service organisation that offers flexible, rapid and effective recruitment solutions within the scientific and healthcare industry. The vacancies we specialise in include sales, technical support, applications specialist, service engineers, marketing, management & directors in the Scientific, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Consumer Healthcare, Dental and Healthcare Communications markets. With over 25 years’ experience in the industry, we have built strong relationships with SMEs and multi-national healthcare & scientific companies within the UK as well as Europe, and are able to match your specific needs and requirements for both permanent and contractual roles.
Our team of recruiters are experts within their field and are on hand to provide support and guidance to both those seeking a new role, and those looking for the best person to drive the company forward.
If you would like to find out how our recruitment solutions can add huge value to your business, please register your details, send us a message,  call the team on +44 (0) 1494 818 036 or email me, liam@zenopa.com

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