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How to Open Up Your Legs and Show Your Stride or The Art of Fighting Without Fighting

6th June 2013

This carries on from my last (epic) blog, Sowing the Seeds of Love. In that I discussed how (tech) PR agencies require new solutions in their recruitment processes, as traditional methods are no longer viable in today’s candidate short/business expanding environment.

I’ve spoken to many senior level candidates, from Account Managers upwards, looking for the next opportunity outside of their current agency and there is a growing trend in their expectations. One which could potentially place barriers in their immediate progression but is not necessarily their fault.

It’s not everyone but it’s enough to make note of; when working for a large, ‘big name’ agency the higher you rise the slower and more difficult it can be to obtain the next level. Especially when there’s more internal and external competition for the positions and less chance to stand out in a crowd. Your pay may be fab but what of your experience? Are you becoming more operational? Less hands on and moving away from what you love about PR?

On the flip side, there has been a clever move by some small sized tech PR agencies to retain staff eager to move on career wise; giving a higher salary and job title but not the relevant experience is becoming more prevalent. Too often I receive feedback on AM/SAM candidates, who want to move to a top 30 Tech agency but their experience actually puts them at an SAE level at the interviewing firm. It’s hard to take that without a blow to the ego.

So, is it all about mid-sized agencies? Is that where it’s at? In my opinion, I feel that it is. Every MD I have met and discussed business with, at what is considered a mid-sized agency (15-35?), has given me encouraging, consistent growth figures. There are steady pipelines of new business coming in, some relocation to bigger offices, new divisions, leaders needed, the chance to actually make a mark, stand-out, do things you wouldn’t be given the chance to do at a larger or smaller agency. There are real opportunities to gain experience and develop your skills ahead of the crowd.

I’m not saying this is the case everywhere. I’m not going to tar every firm with the same brush. However, I only speak to Tech PR agencies and I’ve heard some fantastic stories of success from some really good agencies run by fantastic, forward thinking innovators. Don’t put your faith in a company name, job-title or cash. Look and research the opportunity. Sometimes it may be worth taking a step back or sideways to move 10 steps forward

In the words of Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon, ‘Don’t think, feel! It is like a finger pointing a way to the moon. Don’t concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory.

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