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Treat Your Career Like A Business By Embracing Change

13th November 2018

This week, freelance writer Jocasta Morrison explains how you can grow your career if you embrace change.. 

The majority of people will look to go to work as a regular employee, but studies suggest there is a lot of merit in being your own boss. According to a report in The Guardian, 84% of self employed people are satisfied with their employment, regardless of earnings. Here’s the thing – taking the self-employed mindset and applying it to a ‘regular’ career can yield similar results.

There are certain aspects of the entrepreneurial mindset that lend themselves to non-business owners. Attributes such as self-belief are essential, rather than simply beneficial, in self-employment, and flexibility is much more important. Focusing on these abilities and transferring them to your career will help you to grow it, especially in what OnRec describes as a ‘competitive’ UK medical/technological labour market.

How a business grows – and how you can too

After taking years of education on through school, sixth form and university, finding your first job role is often exciting and feels like a chance to settle. In particularly good roles, with good facilities and support, it’s easy to create emotional ties. As a result, many British people remain in the same job for five years on average, according to the BBC. This is where successful businesspeople differ in their approach; they have an appetite for change in order to grow. Especially today, given the tumultuous technological climate, good businesses are always looking for the next opportunity.

How does this transfer into your working life? You should try not to rest on your laurels. Embrace lifelong learning, and make the most of employer bursaries or enthusiasm to support your learning. If an employer does not support you in improving your knowledge and skills – something which will benefit them down the road – it might be time to think about a change. Press yourself to always look into new technologies and trends and become comfortable with them. Finally, don’t be afraid to move on if the time feels right – no matter how fond you are of your employer.

Taking a global outlook – rejecting the ‘comfort zone’

Looking internationally for work can be daunting for British workers. According to ESOL, 75% of British people cannot speak a second language – the lowest in the EU – and only 6.8% live abroad, a relatively low figure against Ireland’s 17.5% and New Zealand’s 14.1% (according to OECD). However, going out of the comfort zone and exploring other countries is another way that businesses grow, and it will help your career flourish, too. 

One reason businesses go international is the potential for untouched markets. The Telegraph reported on how one entrepreneur doubled their retail listing in a year as other countries simply had nothing like his product. This can apply to your profession. Your skills can, and will, be in hot demand around the world, and your niche could be incredibly valued in certain countries. Being curious, and investigating what skills are needed where, will help you to unearth opportunities that aren’t readily found without feeling the need to adapt and change.

The business world is very different from that of regular employment. However, there’s a lot that you can learn from it. Embracing change is the key concept, and taking the entrepreneurial mindset to your everyday endeavours can benefit you in the long run.”

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