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Revolutionising Preterm Birth Risk Assessment: A Breakthrough Ultrasound Technique

25th January 2024

A new technique has been developed by scientists from the Universities of Illinois and Urbana-Champaign in the United States to determine the chance of premature delivery.  

The method employs measurable ultrasound to assess microstructural alterations in the cervix and can be employed as early as 23 weeks gestation.  

The conventional approach to evaluating the likelihood of premature delivery relies on a woman’s birthing record, and therefore, those pregnant for the first time are left unaccounted for.   

The innovative ultrasound method offers a means to assess risk without relying on the record of previous deliveries.  

In a research project with 429 women conducted at the University of Illinois Hospital, the technique demonstrated efficacy in anticipating the risk of preterm birth.   

Barbara McFarlin, a former nursing lecturer, stated, “Today, clinicians wait for signs and symptoms of a preterm birth, such as a ruptured membrane.”  

McFarlin went on to add, “Our technique would be helpful in making decisions based on the tissue and not just on symptoms.” 


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