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About Cook UK

Solving Complex Problems in Simple WaysThere are common themes across every medical specialty we support: patients want to get better and doctors want simpler, more effective options. That’s why we work hard to improve our minimally invasive medical devices and the way they’re delivered to hospitals and doctors around the world. Being a family-owned business allows us to do what’s best for the patient. It gives us the freedom to work through a problem for as long as it takes to find the simplest solution.

The Way We Do BusinessCompanies today have compliance programs because they are expected to be transparent about their policies and procedures. Our ethics and compliance program grew from Bill Cook’s strong opinion about how we should treat people. When the company got too big for him to explain it in person, he wrote it down. Bill’s belief that you should treat others the way you’d like to be treated is the foundation of everything Cook has done since day one. The essence of our compliance program has been the same simple thought throughout our history: Do the right thing.

Just Be Yourself We like people, learning where they come from, and how they think. We like finding out what makes them tick. We like hearing their stories and understanding what motivates them. Someone with a fresh thought or an uncommon perspective can help us find a better answer by approaching a problem from a completely different angle.

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